PART 2 - Mobius

Mobius. The myth, the legend, the reality. This is an article which I'm writing to put an end to the age old "Mobius argument" that plagues the internet community like oh so much stale cheese. Because that's what this argument is. It's stale, it's old, and NO ONE is right. Let me take you back....

The year is 1985. The game industry up until this point was mainly American, and almost every game was made entirely from one person. The industry had a bad, bad crash due to the fact that Atari, the giant monopoly, had been putting out nothing but complete and utter shit for close to 4 years. People just weren't interested anymore. At this time, a not so new company decided to come out with it's system in America. This company was Nintendo. Nintendo had been producing games for Atari for years, as was another company called SEGA. Nintendo and SEGA had their systems out by 1986, but Nintendo had a year's head start, and locked developers into nasty contracts. This caused SEGA to have an even lower grip on the market. So, in 1988-89 they released their system, the Megadrive/Genesis almost 2 years before the SNES was released. Based on SEGA's long standing stranglehold on the arcade market, they built a lower scale version of some of their more popular arcade PCBs and released many ported arcade games to the home market. This drove a serious wedge into the heart of the massive giant, Nintendo. But the company lacked a mascot. So they had many meetings, many ideas, ane eventually settled on a little blue hedgehog we call Sonic. The problem was, the larger chunk of the game market was in America. The majority of developers were in Japan. So they needed to make this character universally appealing to the mass market.

So, with the help of upcoming programming talent Yuji Naka, and some of their best and brightest, they made the first Sonic game.

When the fuck are you going to get to the point??

Fuck you, I'm taking my time. *Ahem*. With this massive multicultured gaming market, they had to go after what people wanted then. Pretty graphics and fun gameplay. But they also had to find a way to market it to the world. Because a lot of games just don't work in certain areas. (That's why we never saw dating sims on US shores, while hundreds were made in Japan) So it was an easy solution.

They created the game with no identifying characteristics. Not once in the early sonic games do you see them talk, have a story line pop up, or ever hear the character's names. that's because without them in the game, they could write anything they fucking felt like writing into the story line without it conflicting with the game. It seemed like a good idea, but it backfired.

You see, in the early 90's, there wasn't an internet like we have now. There wasn't such a otaku craze, and not everyone was trying to pretend they were Japanese. So it was much easier to create a storyline for the game on different shores without fans conflicting. And this went on for years and years. When the internet popped up, and the online obsession of "Japanese = truth" took hold, the confusion grew greater. So the Mobius argument was founded.

Now, personally, I could give a shit less what anyone calls anything. The point of this is to show you the reality of the situation. And that reality is: SONIC HAS NO STORYLINE. It was built to be a generic series of games which could then be remarked on all shores with storylines and names and artwork specifically designed to appeal to the market of that country. This can also be applied to the Robotnik vs. Eggman debate, the name of the Sonic Robots, and what other various character names are.

Let's review:
Mobius - Claimed to be the home planet of Sonic through the licensed permission of SOA. SOA did NOT create these characters or names. however, they DID approve them.
Earth - Claimed to be the location of Sonic and company in Sonic Adventure 2/Battle, also the place Sonic and crew end up in Sonic X after being "transported" there.
Planet Freedom - Claimed to be the location of Sonic & co. in the Sonic Anime movie.
Unknown - The planet where Sonic starts in Sonic X.

So the answer to Sonic's home planet or location is simple. He has none. A single storyline was never made, so it's not possible for either side of the argument to be correct. So, please, next time you think about partaking in this argument, remember this article. That goes for the "Sonic on Mobius" people, as well as the "Mobius is just fake SOA crap" people. Nether of you are correct, neither of you will ever get the last word, and neither of you will ever prove the other wrong. All you're ever going to do is draw on this long outdated and lame conflict that has no winning side. If you see this argument taking place, or get involved in it, just paste this url into the conflict. Hopefully in time, reason and good judgement will take hold.

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