PART 3 - The lack of Storyline

Many people claim many different things about Sonic's storyline. Some still claim to this day that he lives in a place called Knothole Village. Others Live and die by the game's storyline in the manuals. Others are addicted to the Japanese storyline. This article is to disestablish all of them.

The first thing people need to realize before establishing what is true is who actually created Sonic The Hedgehog. And by created, we have a few different aspects. We have the creators of the idea, the creators of the storyline(s), the creator (programmer) of the games, and many others. Let's Start at the beginning:

Game creation (Programming): Yuji Naka. If you don't know that, you're obviously in no condition to read this. But if you do know who the man is, you'll know he's the programmer of the early Sonic titles, and the man behind many of the current ones. However, it wasn't until the later games that he actually had input. He in no way wrote a storyline or any aspects of the blue hedgehog in any way shape or form. In fact, NONE of the Sonic Team did. Not a single member of the development team had one word in the process, because the entire process of creating a storyline was up to the executives who were trying to make Sonic a huge selling point. All the Sonic Team could do was make suggestions. (It was actually Yuji Naka who mentioned a Hedgehog to begin with.)

With the idea sprouted up, Sega Executives let this unnamed development team begin this unnamed project. The character, code named "Mr. Needlemouse" was sent to Sega of America (SOA) who contributed their input. The 2 sides of the ocean worked hard on keeping this project very neutral in storyline aspect, because they knew that they could easily tell people whatever they wanted to tell them. And within a limited amount of time, the game was programmed, and Sonic was born.

One of the very first pieces of artwork
- Naoto Ohshima

From that point on, the blue wonder became an instant hit on both shores, thanks to cleaver marketing. Cleaver marketing was easy as they could say just about anything about the game, and people would take it for truth. On the US shores Sonic was a hit, and suddenly became bigger then Mario. He was on everything, lunch boxes, T-shirts, and his very own cartoon and comic. Which added fuel to the fire later on in the fan base. The cartoon took many liberties and so did the comics. The creators of the 2 confused the hell out of the Sonic fan base, causing a lot of issues for fans later on as they tried to figure out what the real storyline is. Little that they knew, Japan was having the same problem.

By this time, Sonic 1 and 2 were both out. Sonic CD and Sonic Spinball were released. More confusion came out of this, because it added 2 more storylines. Plus it added the Sally/Amy debate that was settled years later when they just decided to ignore it.

Japan had started receiving word of the 3 American storylines and began becoming confused with their 2 storylines. (The ones presented with the Sonic Team games, and the ones presented with the STI games) They began not to care, which caused a flooding of the 5 storylines to become mixed there. Still to this day if you ask a Japanese Sonic fan about the storyline, they'll be unsure as to what is real.

The problem is, ALL the storylines were real, because if one of them was fake, they all were. Because each source of one of the storylines was an official source, and there was no central storyline. Sonic Team was not involved with the storyline of a game up until NiGHTS, which was AFTER Sega quit supporting the Genesis/Megadrive. The most they put in was who they wanted to work on the games, and minor input to the details of the games. Not only that, but a higher percent of the Sonic games WERE NOT produced by the Sonic Team at all. It was due to the fact that no storyline was allowed to be put directly into the games, as it was too easy to write the story outside of it.

Now a days, Sonic Team is much larger and more established as a Sega development team. They make their storylines, concepts, and just about everything on their own. But they're now stuck with a game series which was so butchered with multiple storylines, that they're forced to write new storylines to try to combine all of them. Not an easy task, but they're slowly starting to get it right.

Final word: I was forced to write this as the purely otaku Sonic fanbase has a habit of spitting lies and mistruths to protect their ideal storyline. (The Japanese one of course) The truth is, and always will be the fact that the Sonic series has no storyline. And no matter how much it's repaired to become a sellable series of games, it will always have the haunting memories of it's multiple stories. And not a single one of them (And that INCLUDES the Japanese storline) will ever be "true".

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