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Unused Voice Clips
Via hacking, we have managed to extract all of the voice files of SA2, and found many unused lines

Unused Story lines.

These lines were found hidden in the game, but are never spoken in the story

Hero Story
Sonic: "Those robots are a total pain in the.."
In the storyline it's followed by:
Sonic: What?!
Shadow: It all starts with this...

Millitary: "There's a dead end up ahead, spread out and find them!"
I believe this line is spoken somewhere around Mission Street

Knuckles: "What?! A ghost?"
Alternate version of what Knuckles says before the King Boom Boo fight. Changed because it sounds fucking retarded

Dark Story
Eggman: "We may be partners, but this doesn't mean I trust you"
Eggman says this right at the end of his first encounter with Rouge

Rouge: "Bad day or what?"
This is spoken by Rouge directly after the previous line.

Last Episode
Sonic: "No worries, egghead!"
This line comes right after:
Sonic: Heh, just letting Knuckles pilot the shuttle on the way over here was more dangerous than you could ever be

Secretary: "The space colony is still accelerating toward earth, in five minutes there will be no way to stop it"
Im not sure where this would be said. It comes directly after Eggman informs Sonic and Shadow that Biolizard is still alive and is piloting the colony. Perhaps they were to cut away to wherever the President is located for these scenes, but never got around to it.

President: "Nothing can stop the colony now"
Said right after the above

Secretary: "Mister president don't give up just yet, Sonic and his friends can still help us"
Said right after the above

Secretary: "I've located the two hedgehogs, they're in the lower quadrant. The space colony has entered the earth's atmosphere and is accelerating"
I'm not sure if this is in the same scene as the above line, it might be

President: "That's ridiculous, there's no way two hedgehogs can stop the colony now"
Said right after the above

Amy: "They can! I believe in them! Together they can do it I just know it!"
I don't know where Amy comes from in this, but it's in reply to the President.

Credits (Possibly some Last story)
Secretary: "There's an emergency message from the space bureau. They're tracking the space colony's re-entry trajectory, and it seems to re-appear in quadrant L1"
This happens after Sonic and Shadow Chaos Control the colony

President: "You know when I was a kid, I used to dream about heroes like them, and their heroic deeds"
Said right after the above

Secretary: "Mister president, that's why you should be like them. Never give up believing in your dreams"
They probably removed these lines because they made someone like the president seem lame and weak.

Tails: "Where are you going?"
Said right after:
Tails: I don't know, but what I do know is, we all did it together!

Eggman: "Next time, I will pull this off without anyone's help. I will use my own power to take over the world"
Said right after the above

Eggman: "Next time we meet, all bets are off!"
Said right after the above

Tails: "Same here!
They probably removed this part of the scene because they wanted to make it a more serious moment or something.

Unused Menu Items

These lines are pretty interesting, in that they reveal some unused features in the game.
First and foremost, the Secretary theme has 2 versions, one, which you can download here, and an alternate version, which is exactly the same, except she ends each line with "Mister President"

Random Unused Menu Items
These unused items use the default theme

ID and Password
These don't have a default theme version, but have character theme versions. I don't know where it could be used, other than SA2's scrapped integrated online feature

World Rankings
You could once have your stats and rankings put online and compete around the world.

Access to the Database
Tails says "Connecting to the Internet" for this one, so I assume it was used to connect to the SA2 database before they just decided to add a separate browser program for it instead.

Please Wait
A collection of voices telling you to wait. Probably while you connected.

Unused Omochao Quotes

Most of these are annoying and retarded, but as they go down they reveal some unused info about the Chao Kindergarten.

"Hi, I'm Omochao!"

Omochao never says this line in this way or tone

"Chao are adorable creatures, everyone loves them, raise your own Chao here."
Similar to the tutorial line, but worded differently

"Ready for the Chao garden tour?"
Not used at all

"I'm ready to start the Chao garden tour"
Also not used at all

"Sure you don't want to learn about the garden?"

I've never heard him say "okay!" at all

"Do you want to go through the tour one more time?"
He never says this

"Don't forget that you can use the hint boxes to get information"
No we really can't

"Be good to your chao"
Bounce bracelet helps

"Listen to me carefully"
Sorry I've already hung myself

"Congratulations! Your Chao has become a hero Chao!"
Haven't heard him say that ever

"Now you have access to the hero garden. Use the lobby to get there"
Nor this

"Congratulations! Your Chao has become a dark Chao!"
Or this

"Now you have access to the dark garden. Use the lobby to get there"
Or this either

"Use the D-pad to change the camera angle. This will let you watch your chao from all angles"
Never said in the tutorial at all

"The Chao kindergarten is fun! Take your favorite chao there"
I don't think omochao ever even mentions the kindergarten

"Your chao will transform, depending on what animals and chaos drives you feed them. Try different combos"
I don't think he ever mentions this

"Your Chao is hungry! Feed your chao some seeds"
Was omochao supposed to constantly be in the chao garden or something?

"There arent many trees in this garden. Make sure you collect seeds on your walks"
It seems like it

"Your Chao may learn something if you encounter an adventure on your walk"
He's referring to Chao adventure

"If you neglect your Chao, it will become very lonely and might eventually run away"
I don't think Chao run away in this game

"This is a letter from your chao"

"Your chao is very lonely"
I hate the chao garden but if I had to put up with omochao whenever I went there I would probably kill myself


"Let's go to the lobby"
Not with you I won't

"Uh, oh! Your chao has become a dark chao. I don't know what to do"
Kill yourself

"Now you can access the dark garden using the lobby"
An alternate version of the other line

"It's scary, but you have to check the lobby"

"A new gate has opened"
I'm not sure what this is referring to

"Do you have any questions?"
Yes. Why do you still exist?

"Do you have any other questions?"

"What do you need?"
Your soul

"Get to the Chao Garden from here"

"This is the Chao world exit"

"Go to the hero garden from here"

"Go to the dark garden from here"

"Go to the chao kindergarten from here"
Apparently the Chao lobby was filled with omochao

"There are chao from all over the world here in the kindergarten"
This refers to the unused online mode of the kindergarten.

"If you go to the teacher's room, you can get advice on how to raise your chao"

"Get the health of Chao checked at the doctor's office"

"You can download a new scenario of Chao Adventure from the library"
No you can't. Obviously a scrapped idea

"There is also the black market, where you can download a lot of surprises"
The black market never really took off, mainly because you had to access the dreamcast browser to do it, rather than having direct access via the kindergarten and internet.

"Visit the parks and classrooms, where you might meet some new friends from around the world"
Parks? Could he be referring to the Missing textures found in the game?

"To visit the Chao kindergarten, you have to go online. Make sure to ask your parents first! The Chao kindergarten is so much fun!"
Oh ho ho! So the Chao kindergarten was once a complete online feature, but they decided to scrap most of the online stuff and make the kindergarten integrated into the game itself.

"The Chao kindergarten is so much fun! Omochao wants to go to the Chao kindergarten!"

"Welcome to the Chao kindergarten"

"You forgot your Chao! Kindergarten for Chao only please!"
You probably were only able to go to the kindergarten if you had a chao with you

"Bring your Chao here. It's a lot of fun!"

"A message for the Chao kindergarten. Check the bulletin board"
I guess the BBS board in the kindergarten once wasn't useless at all.

"Visit the parks and classrooms to meet new friends from around the world"
Alternate version of an above line. You were once able to interact with other SA2 chao owners.

These are some unused tutorial lines

"Try the screw kick technique. Full circle on the analog thumb pad, plus B button"

"Let me tell you about sonic and shadow games"
He says this, but not in a non-robot voice like here.

"Let me tell you about eggman and tails game"
He says this, but not in a non-robot voice like here.

"Let me tell you about knuckles and rouge's games"
He says this, but not in a non-robot voice like here.

"Don't forget about the action link"

"In certain places, you can perform action combos to score technique points"

"press A button while in midair to glide. But you already knew that"

"when the health gauge at the top of the screen becomes zero, you die!"

"The sunglasses will allow you to see things you couldn't before. It may even help you locate the emeralds quicker"

"Did you get the shovel claw? In mid-jump press B button to dig into the ground"

"When gliding, press B button to dive into the ground below"

"Try the spiral upper technique. Full circle on the analog thumb pad, plus B button"

"There are three master emeralds hidden in this stage. Use your radar and hints to find them all"
He never says "three master emeralds"

"This machine will give you three hints for each hidden emerald"

"Did you know that if you find the emeralds without hints, you get more points?"

"If you forget your hints, just press the start button"

"When the radar flashes red, that means you're close"

"Select sunglasses with Y button. Then put them on using B button. Now you can see hidden items"

"Get the hammer gloves and use them to break open the steel containers"

"Hi, I'm Omochao! Let me be your guide. Select the category that you would like to explore"

The following are other unused omochao quotes he might say in the game, or in some ungodly scrapped omochao minigame or something

"I'll use my propeller to fly in space. Why is that?"
Plz fly to the sun and die

"I'm not bad, you got the wrong idea"

"Ow, hey that hurts!"
I don't think he says that line in this way

"Owie! Why do I have to go through this?"

"They're not after me are they? You're terrible!"
And you're annoying

"Ow-owch! Chao doctor, help me!"

"Maybe it rested because of the water"
I don't know what he's talking about here

"Wow it's getting late. I gotta go to kindergarten"

"You should always tell the truth!"
Okay. I hate you and want you to die

"I've never been here before. I'm going sightseeing"

In Sonic Advenure 2 it's not possible to clear a stage holding an Omochao. However, in SA2:B, some stages have an Omochao added by the end of the goal ring, which you can use to pick him up and jump through the goal ring.

"I can't believe you cleared the stage holding me"
He'll say this if you enter some speed/mech levels with Sonic/Shadow via Action Replay in SA2:B or Codebreaker in SA2, making it unused by any normal means.

"Phew! That big truck scared me"
In SA2:B There's an Omochao next to the goal ring in City Escape. Pick him up and jump through the goal ring and he'll say that. That Omochao isn't there in SA2.

"What are you thinking, trying to finish the stage with me?"
Omochao says this if you hack Sonic/Shadow into Wild Canyon and carry him through the goal ring.

"All I can see is water. Where is my home?"
Unused by any normal means in either SA2 or SA2:B. You need to carry an omochao through the goal ring in Metal Harbor. Can be done with a moon jump code.

"I gotta get out of here before the island blows up"
Same as the other ones, but there isn't an Omochao by the goal ring in SA2, maybe not SA2:B either.

"A pumpkin ghost! I'm afraid!"
I tried to hack Sonic into Pumkin Hill and carrying an Omochao to the goal ring. He didn't say anything, so this is completely unused.

"Wow that was scary. I'm going home to watch TV"
Omochao says this if you carry him through the goal ring in Pyramid Cave, but there isn't one near the goal ring in SA2 or SA2:B. It can be achieved by using moon jump.

"Where am I? Somebody help me"
Omochao says this if you hack Sonic/Shadow into Death Chamber and carry him through the goal ring.

"How'd I get into outer space? Oh well"
Omochao says this if you hack Sonic/Shadow into Meteor Herd and carry him through the goal ring.

"Hm, this looks like a game I've seen before"
In Crazy Gadget there's an Omochao by the goal ring in SA2:B. Carry him through and he says this. He isn't there in SA2. The game he is referring to is Tetris.

"I'll find my own way home, bye bye!"
Unsure if this is a goal ring quote or not.

"I'm going to play with the turtle now!"
Carry Omochao to the goal ring with Sonic/Shadow in Dry Lagoon in SA2 or SA2:B and he will say this.

"I feel dizzy"
Carry Omochao through the goal ring in SA2 or SA2:B in Radical Highway. Only doable using Moon Jump.

"I'm outta here, before the robot gets me"
Carry Omochao to the goal ring with Sonic/Shadow in Egg Quarters in SA2 or SA2:B and he will say this. The Robot is the annoying bettle thing.

"Let me outta this safe!"
Carry Omochao to the goal ring with Sonic/Shadow in Security Hall in SA2 or SA2:B and he will say this.

"This fog reminds me of San Francisco"
In SA2:B there is an Omochao right next to the goal ring in White Jungle. Carry him through and he will say this. This Omochao isn't there in SA2

Here are some random possibly unused omochao in-level quotes

"Use L and R triggers to look around. But you knew this already"

"Use Y button to change your action"

"As long as you have 1 ring, you'll be okay. You knew that right?"

"Use B button to grab it, then use the analog thumbpad to swing"

"After picking up an item, hold B button to shake it"

"Have you tried whistling? Use Y button to select whistle"

"Have you pet your chao today? Use Y button to select pet, and make your chao happy"

"To bust a trick on the rail, press A button at the right time to perform cool tricks"

"Try the Magic Hand technique. It turns enemies into balls. Use these balls to defeat other enemies"

"You can use parts that come from the robots to raise chao"

"Did you find all of the animals? Did you know that there are 20 animals hidden in this stage?"

"Find the sunglasses and use them to find hidden items"

"Welcome to the desert, it's hot! I saw something in the oasis, do you wanna go there?"

"Watch the enemy detector which is next to the emerald radar. If the detector lights up, be careful"

"These ghosts sure like teasing you. Kinda scary though"

"Be careful of the artificial chaos' sting. It hurts!"
I THINK this is unused. Correct me if I'm wrong

"I'm scared of high places. Use hovering to slow down"

"Beware of artificial chaos. They are different from the ones you've seen before"
I think this is unused, send me an email if it isn't

"The pipes are like a maze. Use the light colored pipes to find your way out"
I don't know what level he's talking about.

"I sense an electrical disturbance here. The detector is not working right"
He's talking about the mad space hint boxes

"The electrical disturbance is affecting all the machines. Don't trust them. Don't be fooled by the hints from them."
Same here

The rest must be some weird easter egg omochao quotes that never made it into the game

"Don't play a TV game over one hour"

"Did you know the doctor's mustache is fake"

"I want to wind a spring"

"I wonder how Big is doing"
For those that are stupid and have only played SA2:B, Big appears in almost every SA2 level.

"Made in the U.S.A. for our fans!"
God please kill me

"My allowance is all gone!"

"I have a stomach ache"

"Don't make fun of me!"

"Chao chao cha!"

"I wanna go outside"

"Ugh I'm tired"

"I lost my contact lenses"

"I'm late again"

"Am I annoying you?"

"Omochao knows everything!"

"Omochao wants to be Chao!"

"I'm resting now"

"It's a nice day!"

"Chao are so cute"

"Hey that hurt!"

"It's not easy to give you a hint"

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