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Tails Chao

The Rare Tails Chao
Sonic Adventure 2: Battle

By: Ren "Foxx" Ramos

Okay, believe it or not, I have found the very rare Tails Chao and below are some lagitamate pics of the truth (sorry if they look crappy but I don't have the proper hardware to to take a clean shot). Plus I added some funny captions to them.

Tails Prower: Why Yugi Naka, why? *crys* You made a bunch of Sonic clones for new and extra characters but why me? We had a contract. *sob* YOU PROMISED YOU WOULDN'T DO THIS TO ME!
Tails Chao: If that doesn't scream issues, I don't knw what does

Tails C.: Why won't you hold me?
Tails P.: You're ugly, go away!
Tails C.: Look who's talking you two-tailed freak of nature.
Tails P.: Fine, I'll hold you.
Tails C.: See, that wasn't so bad.

Do you wanna know how to get this lovable creature? OF COURSE YOU DO! Here's how you get him. Remember, this is for GameCube players only.

  • Requirements:
    • GameCube (Duh!)
    • GameBoy Advance
    • GCN to GBA link cable
    • Phantasy Star Online Episode I & II
    • Sonic Adventure 2: Battle
  • Directions
    • Play the quest on PSO E1&2 called "The Fake in Yellow"
      • (NOTE: This is an Offline quest, it should be at the Hunter's Guild when you start a new character. If not, keep doing quests until you find "The Fake in Yellow")
    • After finding faker, he'll create a Telipipe back to Pioneer 2. Go into the pipe.
    • Once in Pioneer 2, go back through the pipe to go back to Ragol.
    • You should find three Rag Rappys staring at somthing. Talk to the three Rappys.
    • After speaking with the Rappys, walk to the spot where they're staring at.
    • After getting to the spot, a Chao (neutral) will emerge and after speaking with it, it'll give you a key item called "Tiny Chao's Garden".
    • After obtaining the key item, a GBA (similar to the one on Sonic Adventure 2: Battle) appears. Goto it and make sure that the link cable is connected to slot four on the GCN, the link cable is connected to the GBA, and the GBA does NOT have any games in it (not even Sonic Advance).
    • Step on the pad and it should say "Machine Explination," "Download game data," and "Quit." Choose "Download game data" and it should upload the Tiny Chao Garden to the GBA.
    • On the GBA screen, you should get the Tiny Chao's Garden (just like on Sonic Advance) with a Chao in there.
    • Save and Quit from PSO. Turn off GCN. Remove PSO and instert SA2:B.
    • Once on Sonic Adventure 2: Battle, goto stage select and goto the Chao Garden (doesn't matter which one but I reccomend either Neutral or Hero). (NOTE: you can make it funnier or creepier by choosing Tails as shown in the above images)
    • Goto the garden of your choice and stand on button on the GBA.
    • Choose "Pick-up!" and in the fourth postion should be a Tails Chao. Put him in your garden and enjoy!
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