This is my hack. My main one. I got busy on this after Iceknight released his patch for the "Sonic Warp". After that, I wanted to see what else could be added to make the game more like a prototype. So I started tweaking with it.....

First thing I did was add IceKnights patch to a Sonic 1 rom. I didn't like how he replaced all the save points with the warp, so I got rid of them. Then I replaced the ring on every level with the warp. I did some math, and made it so Sonic would warp once he hit the sign. (If he was running full speed)
Afterwards, I did a bit of graphical editing with Beta's wonderful Sonik Sprite program, and did some pallette changing with Gerbil's Sonic HackWiz Pro. I blacked out the title screen, and used a converted game genie code to add the "Press start" back to the title screen. In a bit of time, I rearranged the levels to the way they are listed on the stage select, which is the same way they are listed in the ROM. I used SHWP again to arrange them the way I wished in the stage select menu. Then I changed the levels a bit with a stolen copy of Stealth's SonED. After a while, I had changed so much of the ROM that I couldn't find anything, and eventually quit keeping track of the changes.

So here it is, the one, the only, Sonic The Hedgehog PROTOTYPE hoax!

All black title screen

Stage select


Sonic can't be harmed unless he is squished, drowns, or falls in a pit.

Tearing through the tunnel

Bombs away motherfucker!

Punch the air!

Usless S monitor

Robotnik monitor

Splats makes a comeback


Enough continues??

Spikes aren't installed, and the swing is longer.

2 of them?!?!

No egg??

Sonic has the same pallette underwater

Tis "hidden" area is now easly accessed.

Ready, set,


Yes, he's back, and in Marble Zone.

the sideways spikes are back, and the fire in the BG is now missing

No fire?

The BG is black, and the level design is different

2 signs?

Sonic's running animation is completely different

Told ya.

This is odd...

Clock Work 1 was much different....

Genocide Ci... Oh shut up.

Spinning in CWZ


Hey, WTF?!?! I'm stuck!!

All the emeralds?? but there are no special zones!!!


IceKnight, for inspiring me to attept this.
HiveBrain, for giving me the idea to replace Motobug with Splats,
Luigi Link, for helping me figure out why the damn thing kept crashing,
Dr. Ivo, Local H, Nemesis, l0s1, and KojiChao for thier hacking info,
Cyan, for the original Sonic 1 hacking document, when no one else seemed to give a shit,
Saxman, because without him, there'd be no such thing as sonic hacking,
And Sonic Team for leaving enough crap in the ROM for me to take advantage of.