The first round was easy. I allready had Sega Genesis development hardware, so I figured this would be easy, so I took this picture:

Then I needed a TV shot. So I got the meganinja artist known as Kojichao to make me an edited title screen, and swore her to secrecy on the hoax., this was the result:

Which I blew up on my PC, and took a pic:

and then photoshopped it onto this TV:

Then Mike J's page was believable... To most. But I got soooooooo many requests to take more screenshots, that I had to call on Kojichao once again to help out with the project. Taking a mixture of Chaotix screenshots and used and unused sprites extracted from Sonic Crackers, Koji was able to make some of the finest hoaxes ever.

After a while, I got bored dealing with it, so I decided to end the page with a big bang. Saxman had been trying to prove me a fraud all the while, while I was sneaking around trying to get info from him. I used this as my chance to end the page with people still scratching thier heads. The following is the goodbye from the page:

From :
"Damian Grove"
To :

Subject :
Never Mind

Date :
Sun, 28 Jul 2002 02:48:19 -0400
Forget about sending those pics. I suspected it to be fake since the very first moment I layed eyes on these screenshots. However, I asked
you for those pics to see the proof I need. However, nevermind about it now. I already see a flaw in 1...... no wait...... '4'
of those pics. I'm not even going to begin to mention what is wrong.

I have the 85% version review, so I know what should be and what shouldn't.

I have seen so many magazine clippings, and prototype pictures, and garbage in the last couple of months that I could throw up. Including the "85% review", which god knows must be the solid, entire truth. Video game magazines NEVER make mistakes, and they are right on in there from the beginning, watching over the programmers shoulders from the moment they start. Video game magazine reviewers are known for thier involvement in the development, production, and release of games. Once in a while they even help program the games. In a lot of cases, the game reviewer programs they game and the actual programmer sits at home.

87% of game reviewers are CEOs of large companies.


And so ended one of the most creative hoaxes to date.