This page is devoted to Sonic games on the PC.

Sonic & Knuckles PC collection Discovery:

The internal file is actually a binary ROM. When examined with a Hexeditor, you can find the end game text for Sonic 3 in plain ASCII. If you examine the file that comes with Sonic & Knuckles PC collection, you find the exact same ASCII code.

Sonic game hacking on PC

Knuckles BlueTweaked out trick i found while studying the Sonic save file.
Sonic and Knuckles savegame editorLets you edit your save file to change anything you want in Sonic & Knuckles PC collection. Have a free-for-all!
Sonic R editing (Taken from editing document for Sonic R for the PC. Gives you information on how to make your own characters for the game.


This demo you can play Sonic 3 combined with Knuckles up until you fight Robotnik at the waterfall.

Download this demo

This demo you can play up until the first boss

Download this demo

Sonic 3D
[no picture avalible]
You can play this up until god knows where, I didn't bother because I hate this game, and it's 8 times as horrible on PC.

Download this demo